immigration detention

Late on Tuesday afternoon, minister Goodale -- or likely his staff -- issued a press release that appears as a blog on the Huffington Post Canada. In it, the minister says he has heard the concerns and is working swiftly to remedy the problem -- but he just needs more time. Yet, under his watch as minister of public safety, three people have died in immigration detention in the last five months. This is a tragedy and a political crisis. These three, Francisco Romero Astorga, Melkioro Gahungu and an unidentified man, all ran out of time. And so has the minister.
Since the border agency was established in 2003, 11 people have died in custody.
"In a free and democratic society, the human rights of every person on Canadian soil must be respected."
At least 13 people have died in custody of Canadian immigration authorities since 2000.
In November, hotspots will accommodate people until a refugee status decision can be made "quickly." There is a parallel aim of repatriating those whose asylum claims are refused. The hotspots are not a solution to the influx of people, the criminalization of their migrations, or the eroding solidarity amongst EU member states. In fact, all they can provide is a stopgap measure.