Immigration Fraud

"Revoking citizenship that should not have been granted takes significant time and money."
Of course it's romantic to have sunset ceremony with a senorita on the Costa del Sol. But before you start picking out wedding invitations and planning on bringing your sweetheart back to Canada, there is a lot of wisdom in getting the facts about your legal obligations if you to want to marry someone from a foreign country and sponsor them to come to Canada.
OTTAWA - The government is warning prospective lovebirds to protect themselves against marriage fraud before tying the knot
On Monday, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney announced that the federal government had started the process of revoking the citizenship of 3,100 people suspected of lying to immigration officials in a highly publicized press conference.Fiscally conscious Canadians, who appreciate arithmetic, can see through this ideological contrivance.
Is Canada drifiting to the right? Canada's Conservative government is cracking down on immigration fraud, has scrapped the
MONTREAL - The Harper Conservatives have laid out plans to revoke 26 times more Canadian citizenships than all previous governments
OTTAWA — The federal government is moving to strip 2,100 Canadians of their citizenship, The Huffington Post Canada has learned
CHARLOTTETOWN - Premier Robert Ghiz of Prince Edward Island denounced a request for the RCMP to investigate bribery allegations