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Imagine there was a policy that could reduce global poverty, conserve natural resources and help alleviate the coming retirement crisis, all while also fostering domestic economic growth. You would have to be either misinformed or malicious to oppose this policy, right? Well, this policy exists, and it's called immigration. Ironically, "progressive" hero David Suzuki has come out in favour of reducing immigration levels. Mr. Suzuki is not only providing poor policy advice, but that advice runs contrary to his stated goals of reducing carbon emissions and fostering global development.
OTTAWA - Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's days are usually packed with public events, but he had a surprise item on the
With an announcement last week, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will allow the tentacles of corporate greed to dictate immigration to Canada. It doesn't take much imagination to guess what kind of worker big businesses would prefer prey upon. A multinational corporation would probably rather tap a foreigner who is willing to work for lower wages than their Canadian counterparts, accept abuses of the Canadian Labour Code and remain silent in the face of improprieties in exchange for permanent residence and happy shareholders.
Minister of Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, announced this week Canada would no longer welcome newcomers who were not proficient in our official languages. This policy flies in the face of common sense and the 500 years of experience Canada was built upon.
Jason Kenney lands in Montreal today to discuss Canada’s immigration levels and how best to integrate new arrivals — a top