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Impaired Driving

Police are now able to conduct warrantless roadside searches to compel drivers to provide a breath sample.
If you follow these rules, then you should be driving in the clear.
The insurance industry will be monitoring any effects on their costs very closely in the coming year.
The device chosen for roadside saliva tests is simply part of a disturbing trend in cannabis legalization: regulate first and research later.
Instead of passing potentially unconstitutional criminal laws without research to back them up, perhaps the government should have held off.
Debate over the impaired driving Bill C-46 is focused on balancing Charter rights against the need to protect lives. For Senators, the Charter won out.
Bill 17 is likely to be successfully challenged in court. It creates impossible burdens, shifts the onus and fails completely to address the problem.
Luckily, only one person involved needed to be hospitalized.
After at least one effective marijuana-detecting method has been identified, legislative changes must be made and a scheme will need to be developed. The scheme will need to balance the liberties of citizens with the need for public safety.
The incident happened during a roadside strip search.