He also suggested the prime minister consider tariffs on the country.
For those not counting, there have been eight B.C. trade missions to China alone in the last 18 months. Forests minister Steve Thomson is set to leave on a ninth mission this Friday. Trade missions aren't cheap, they set the B.C. government back $767,000 in 2014 and that doesn't include the bill for local governments, universities and other agencies.
It's almost as if we're back in the 20th century again: Cars and auto parts have surpassed energy as Canada's biggest export
The trade deficit was far less than the $3.4 billion gap in May, according to Statistics Canada's latest revision.
OTTAWA - Canada's trade deficit grew to $3.34 billion in May compared with $3.0 billion in April, increasing the chances
TORONTO - Major Canadian importers of olive oil, sea salt, preserved vegetables and other delicacies from Greece say they've
Ever since oil prices began collapsing in the second half of last year, many in Canada have been asking: Can our economy
The Canadian dollar has been declining against the U.S. dollar for the last several months. The depreciation of the Canadian dollar has corresponded with the fall in oil price. Overall, the depreciating Canadian dollar would have different effects on various sectors of the economy.
OTTAWA - Statistics Canada says the country's merchandise trade balance with the world went from a surplus of $2.2 billion
OTTAWA - Statistics Canada says the country's merchandise exports grew by 1.4 per cent in July, while imports edged down