indigenous affairs

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s first budget was a talker in Ottawa.
National Aboriginal Veterans Day is Nov. 8.
The government says a new legal framework will help tackle problems.
The federal government ran 29 so-called "Indian Hospitals" from 1945 to 1981.
Departmental consultations are currently underway.
"They decided that two is better than one when it comes to Indian Affairs."
NDP leadership hopeful would appoint ombudsperson for indigenous children.
The land claims industry remains a perpetuation of Canada's colonial policy that seeks to clear title to the land. The language in the policy has shifted over time from blanket extinguishment, to land and resource extinguishment, to defining rights completely.
If the government can take my family's cards and deny us our heritage because they do not like the cost, then they can take anyone's card, deny anyone's heritage and human rights, whenever they deem the commitment to be more than they had initially bargained for.
PBO reviewing federal spending allotted for First Nations education.