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OTTAWA -- The country's annual inflation rate picked up the pace last month to hit 1.4 per cent -- moving it a little closer
A Maritime dairy group is warning Canadians they could face a butter shortage just in time for the holidays. Dairy Farmers
Spending one's way to growth is nothing new. What is new, and what is a first for almost any developed country is that Canada will be using both monetary and fiscal policy as a way to get the economy growing again at the expense of a balanced budget. For the economy as a whole, it is unequivocally good news.
The Bank of Canada held its key interest rate this week at 0.5 per cent as it downgraded its 2016 and 2017 outlook for the economy due to the continued fallout of low energy prices.
Retail prices are rising at their fastest rate in at least a decade and there will be more price pressure ahead thanks to
If you’ve noticed your Canada Day food bill rising in recent years, you’re not alone. The price of meat in particular has
Canada’s core inflation rate jumped 2.4 per cent in March, according to Statistics Canada, but that number obscures an ugly
Analysts have predicted this will be the year that the Bank of Canada raises its benchmark interest rate. And it could very
Want to save on your food bill? Switch to chicken. Inflation slowed down in November, thanks primarily to plummeting gas
Price movements have grabbed the headlines in recent weeks. Commodity prices are falling, and as always, there are various arguments about the reasons this time. The implications are serious, so the debates are warranted. But the more pressing issue is recent movement in the general price level. Overall price growth has weakened lately, and there is renewed worry about disinflation and deflation (the dreaded Ds). Five years beyond the crisis, and we are still worried about this? What's going on?