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Outside of Japan, which has seen prices spike due to a tax hike, Canada has the highest inflation rate among major industrialized
A little more than a year ago it looked like Verizon was coming to Canada, and the big Canadian telcos were busily slashing
OTTAWA — The rise in the cost of living held steady in August with the annual inflation rate coming in at 2.1 per cent, Statistics
Sales of bacon, sausages and some other products at Maple Leaf Foods fell by double digits in the last quarter, as large
Bacon prices in Canada are nearly 27 per cent higher today than they were a year ago, as a crisis in the industry continues
Inflation has returned to Canada. The culprit appears to be energy (in case you haven’t noticed the price of gas soaring
Growth is up, and it's looking like inflation is hard on its heels. The U.K. is charting this new course; we'd all do well to watch with interest, and to wish them well.
There is a wide disconnect between the data about Canada’s economic strength and how Canadians actually feel about the economy
If you’re feeling a bigger squeeze on your wallet at the grocery store these days, the soaring cost of everyday food items
Clearly it is a worry that five years beyond the crisis, price growth is as tame as it is. Worse yet, in many cases, recent monthly inflation is getting thinner.