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Now that it no longer aspires to take over the world -- or at least subvert Western countries -- Russia is not the threat to peace that it once was. Even when I lived in Moscow, true communism was never really practiced. Most Muscovites had clandestine deals going on, where they could manipulate or cheat the system.
Despite the hysteria that the downgrade of US debt would lead to US funding costs rising and Treasuries crashing, instead
With each passing week, there seems to be more news of distress in government debt markets as governments grapple with record deficits. Not surprisingly, the bond market is getting nervous.
THE CANADIAN PRESS -- TORONTO - Canadians are taking several steps to make their dollars stretch further, according to the
The market is pricing a Bank of Canada interest rate increase in the final quarter of the year. By then we will have a better understanding of the state of the current slowdown in the U.S. and there should also be greater clarity regarding the European debt crisis.