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Many Canadians -- the younger generations especially -- lack a basic historical knowledge, and in this regard the commemoration activities launched by the Conservatives are welcome. But if the Tories are truly in favour of upholding this country's history, the most fundamental thing they must do is make information accessible to historians.
The relationship between information and learning can be likened to the ingredients of a recipe. While alone they may be very delicious, only when used in the proper combination and via the optimum process do they culminate into a complete dish that can be considered gourmet.
We've learned an incredible amount about how governments scheme, conspire, collude, connive and lie, both to each other and to the people who elected them. Which is why my nomination for the next Nobel Peace Prize is WikiLeaks and its three great whistleblowers -- Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.
Canadians love Americans, but sometimes we wish they would take a little more interest in what we're all about. Luckily, HuffPost
What we have here is a refusal to communicate. We have a prime minister who refuses to explain why three of his Conservative senators have been forced to resign from his party. When it comes to codes of silence, His Worship the oafish mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has learned a lot from the nation's chief magistrate.
Every client of the mental health system knows that at every appointment you attend with your health care team, whether it be doctors or therapists, notes are taken and stored in your file. After years of searching and bureaucracy, I finally got some of those notes back.
2012-10-11-nonspeak.jpg A recent global assessment of right to information (or access to information) laws placed Canada 55th out of the 93 countries with RTI laws. Despite this poor track record, Canadians have demonstrated little enthusiasm for the issue. If Canada were in 55th place on other human rights issues -- such as women's equality, freedom of expression, discrimination or privacy -- there is little doubt that Canadians would be outraged.
We live in an age when the stethoscope, one of modern medicine's oldest tools, and the microchip, the device powering the digital revolution, are now linked. It presents the most exciting healthcare breakthrough we have today.