“We will continue to do what it takes to support Canadians through this crisis," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.
The money is rolling out months sooner than planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The infrastructure minister joined Premier Doug Ford at a conference about public-private partnerships.
What if the bridge, tunnel, dam or highway came with significant benefits to your community?
When plans for big infrastructure projects roll out, they should be guided by the basic principals of public procurement:competition, fairness and value.
Failure to address these concerns before it's too late might regrettably mean a long period of decline.
Montreal's Champlain Bridge is one of the projects affected.
It's becoming more and more apparent that BC Hydro has been playing a bit loose with telling the truth, the whole truth.
While other global jurisdictions are building the great cities of tomorrow, excellent places to invest and live, Canada is lurching along hesitantly.
OTTAWA — A new federal agency designed to fuse public and private dollars to help build infrastructure in Canada could end