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Women have shown their appreciation for the service with small gestures.
Raf Souccar said he's not advocating for drug use.
Only two injection sites exist in Canada now.
There's demand across the country for supervised injection.
The Making Healthier Choices Act -- true Orwellian doublespeak -- treats vaping as if it was as harmful as smoking. This imaginative warping of the facts requires the province to ignore the growing scientific evidence that whether inhaled directly or second-hand, vaping has not been strongly associated with the negative health effects of inhaling combusted tobacco products.
There are more than 90 safe-injection sites worldwide.
VANCOUVER - Police in Vancouver say a potent and potentially lethal drug called fentanyl, not heroin, is behind a rash of
UPDATE - Oct. 15, 2014: Drug samples taken after a recent rash of suspected heroin overdoses have come back from Health Canada
VANCOUVER - Vancouver police are asking local drug users to use the services of a well-known, safe-injection site after a
"I think there is a fear of change, a fear of change that is ungrounded in any rational apprehension about what will happen. We accept at some level that the whole prohibition policy is a total failure, yet in some other part of our brain we are afraid of change because we worry that society would just turn itself into a collection of drug-addled morons."