Heads up, insurance guys: you don’t get all the gravy and whipped cream.
One Canadian family received $80 for a $6,000 claim after they were forced to cancel their Mediterranean cruise at the start of the pandemic.
Every business has the need to protect itself against liability and property loss; it’s just a matter of how much. The coverage
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Cheaper tuition fees and telephone services held the indicator down.
The Green Party leader is not a big fan of "career politicians."
5. Have the right insurance when all else fails The cost of repairing a breach and covering legal expenses could set you
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The Conservative leader insists he received his accreditation.
It doesn’t matter if you’re running a boutique business or heading a private corporation, all entrepreneurs dream of long
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Cover the cost of going to court Whether it’s a customer making a claim after slipping on a patch of ice outside your storefront
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The insurance industry will be monitoring any effects on their costs very closely in the coming year.