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The threat of mortgage “payment shock” has all but vanished.
The Bank Of Canada has a target it aims to keep in check.
If last year's provincial budget could be described as "petty" after Finance Minister Mike de Jong doled out an increase in assistance rates for those living with disabilities -- only to claw most of it back by ending the subsidized bus pass program -- this year's budget could best be described as "petulant."
A Canadian dollar that's worth little more than half a U.S. dollar was unthinkable just months ago.
Cut could come as soon as July 15 CIBC: 'Indebted households don’t need even lower borrowing costs' Poloz: Soaring household
TORONTO - Economists say Canadian borrowers can expect as mortgage rates to dip slightly in response to the Bank of Canada's
TORONTO — The Toronto stock market was sharply higher Wednesday amid a surprise rate cut by the Bank of Canada and increased
The Bank of Canada is expected at some point in the year to hike interest rates, and even a small and gradual hike would
OTTAWA - The Bank of Canada held its trend-setting interest rate at one per cent on Wednesday as it said there needs to be
SASKATOON - Canadians can expect to enjoy relatively cheap borrowing costs for some time to come — even after the economy