International Monetary Fund

The international bank is raising the alarm about a possible housing market correction in Canada.
Its new estimate is 0.2 per cent lower than before.
Christine Lagarde will now be facing a trial in France for "negligence" after allowing a compensation payment of close to US$600 million to a French politician and businessman. Canadians would not accept that a politician, being tried for something like this, remain in power while the trial was going on.
Saudi Arabia is scrambling to move away from oil.
Stephen Poloz will deliver a speech in two weeks in New York on strengthening global trade.
The institution advised countries to prepare contingency plans.
The forecast is down from the IMF's expectation in July for Canadian growth of 1.5 per cent. The organization also lowered
WASHINGTON -- An International Monetary Fund official says the IMF cannot participate in another Greek bailout until Greece
Finance ministers from countries using the euro currency were planning a conference call to consider rescue financing for
The IMF forecasts 3.3 per cent global growth this year, down from the 3.5 per cent it predicted in April. That would be slowest