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A visual take on the Argo controversy
In the midst of the holiday season, on December 28, 2012, President Barack Obama signed into law the "Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act of 2012." This Act seeks to initiate a whole-of-government approach to what looks to be an increasing threat to the United States, and by extension to Canada as well. Canada is no stranger to the Islamic terrorist threat. The millennium bomber -- Ahmed Ressam, the Toronto 18, and Omar Khadr, among other high profile cases, have brought radical Islam to the forefront of Canadian national security. Closing the embassy of the Islamic Republic in Ottawa last year shows that Minister Harper is serious on his promise.
Canada and Iran have had a troubled relationship. Canadians still haven't been able to to figure out why their government snapped diplomatic relations with Iran and at this particular time. This is the second time in recent years that Canada and a Muslim country had a major disagreement.
In March, Canada closed its embassy in Syria. Earlier this month, Canada closed its embassy in Iran. Now we learn that sharing embassies with the UK may benefit the government's bottom line. With no physical presence in places like Iran or Syria, how do we protect those ties? The next best thing is a virtual embassy.
Stephen Harper's invitation to a select group of Iranian-Canadians to visit Ottawa last week was spurred by the realist demand for a photo-op to prove how cozy and cordial relations are. The meeting was also an attempt to showcase how Iranian-Canadians were overwhelmingly in support of the draconian move to close the Iranian embassy in Canada. When activist Nazanin Afshin-Jam and the other delegates who met with the PM state that they are toiling for the sake of Iranian freedom, they seldom want observers to remember historical parallels. It is time for these activists to be exposed for who they are -- expendable sycophants waiting for definite answers from someone who will never be willing to provide them. It is time Iranian activists stop drinking Harper's Kool-Aid and be exposed for who they are -- expendable sycophants waiting for definite answers from someone who will never be willing to provide them.
A group of prominent Iranian-Canadians had face time with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Foreign Minister John Baird and
Canada's move to sever diplomatic ties with Iran earlier this month was serious business, luckily 22 Minutes is around to
The only puzzling thing about Canada cutting diplomatic relations with Iran is why now? When has Iran ever responded sensibly to a Canadian gesture? Three Canadians are on death row in Iran, and Canada's efforts on their behalf have been fruitless. What good has diplomacy achieved?
Iran's top diplomat in Canada says cutting off relations is "unwise, uncivilized and hostile" in a letter dated Monday. Until
Is Canada drifiting to the right? Canada's Conservative government is cracking down on immigration fraud, has scrapped the