iraq airstrikes

Meanwhile, New Democrats want an immediate end to the bombing.
Brigadier-General Lise Bourgon, commander of Canada's air campaign in Iraq and Syria, told the fifth estate she had no knowledge of any Canadian link to those allegations.
His comments came as the military revealed that CF-18s have carried out another seven attacks in Iraq over the last couple
The Defence Department says that on Dec. 31, the two CF-18s struck ISIL fighting positions using precision-guided munitions
U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told CNN over the weekend he'll consider placing ground forces in Iraq to help locate
A CF-18 fighter-bomber used a laser-guided bomb to hit an artillery position Tuesday near the city of Bayji, north of Tikrit
Although the military has been silent about what targets were bombed by two CF-18s during Canada's first air raids of the
OTTAWA — The man tasked with selling the Liberals' position on the upcoming combat mission in Iraq found himself on the defensive
OTTAWA — Canada has deployed a small advance team to the Middle East to finalize basing and logistics with its allies for
The House of Commons stands poised to approve a motion, likely on Tuesday, that would deploy six fighter-bombers, two CP