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is kate middleton pregnant

2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg In a constitutional monarchy like ours, royalty matters, which means every little random thing royalty does matters, too. Thus, in the aftermath of Monday's big announcement of Kate's impending baby bump, all of Canada's major papes quickly churned out lead editorials. And lots of Kate pics. For purely constitutional reasons, of course.
We knew someone was going to attempt this. A man in Washington -- Joe Mullins -- has attempted to "scientifically forecast
Oh, baby! Kate Middleton and Prince William -- The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting. And frankly, we couldn't
It's official: We're going to see a miniature version of Will and Kate in 2013. After months of speculation, sources officially
Squee! It's finally official: Prince William and Kate Middleton — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — are expecting! Clarence
A new article in Australian magazine New Idea has Royal baby watchers salivating. The article quotes Kate's old school mate
Researchers from have made a prediction that will make Royal watchers very happy -- suggesting that a