The company is asking the Competition Bureau to investigate.
Customers of Internet provider Shaw Communications are once again accusing the company of effectively reducing internet speeds
The internet is in an uproar over reports that Shaw Communications will be ringing in the New Year with higher prices and
Netflix released its first speed rankings of Canadian internet providers Monday, listing Bell as first and Rogers last. Later
OTTAWA - A new report says Canada's Internet service providers are being less than forthcoming about how they handle customer
The newspaper industry has yet to come to terms with the Internet. With decreasing circulation figures and declining ad revenues, daily papers haven't figured out how to turn a profit from their online readership. There have been numerous attempts at getting online users to pay, few of which have worked.
With the cost of cybercrime in Canada on the rise my weekly technology law column reports that the Canadian government is quietly working behind-the-scenes to create a new Internet service provider code of conduct. If approved, the code would be technically be voluntary for Canadian ISPs, but the active involvement of government officials suggests that most large providers would feel pressured to participate.
Anyone who's ever spent more than 5 minutes reading my blog knows I've spilt a phenomenal amount of ink over the miserable
Some Telus customers are upset after the phone and internet service company started sending out notifications that it is
GATINEAU, Que. - The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission says large telephone and cable companies