Israeli-Palestinian conflict

As Canadian scholars, we urge Trudeau to retract his wrong-spirited comments that demonize the work students, community members and activists have done.
People in Gaza are being slaughtered, as world leaders offer nothing but silence or platitudes rather than concrete action to stop it.
"Life is boring here, nothing ever happens."
Trudeau described the reported use of excessive force and live ammunition as "inexcusable."
The emergency physician said he was clearly identified as medical staff.
It was the bloodiest single day for Palestinians since 2014.
Our silence, a clear nod of deference to the U.S. and Israel, highlights the purely political nature of when we speak up and when we look the other way.
In its silence, Canada has chosen complicity with violations of human rights and international law, and violence over peace.
Hundreds were injured as protesters demonstrated along the Gaza-Israel border.
Ahed Tamimi and other Palestinian children should be playing, going to school and living their teenage lives.