Jacques Parizeau

The English-language version of the speech then-premier Jacques Parizeau would have given in the event of a Yes victory in
Two decades after the last Quebec referendum, sovereignty is still standing.
Jacques Nadeau says they reflect nearly 40 years of history, including shots of Rene Levesque, Jacques Parizeau and Maurice Richard
Philippe Couillard condemned the officers who chose to wear the colourful attire — part of an ongoing battle over pension reforms — saying it showed a lack of judgment.
Every premier since 1985, with the exception of the late Robert Bourassa, attended the service, with Premier Philippe Couillard accompanied by Pierre Marc Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Lucien Bouchard, Bernard Landry, Jean Charest and Pauline Marois.
MONTREAL - Hundreds of people lined up to pay their respects to former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau on Saturday at a building
Like all non-separatist Quebecers, I have lived and suffered through a lifetime of sovereignty-fatigue. So at what point of obsession, at what level of almost complete disregard, are you obliged to say, unequivocally and without apology, that what was done was wasteful and therefore unacceptable?
The Quebec government says the service for the man who was premier during the 1995 provincial referendum will take place
Pierre Karl Peladeau is suggesting the death of former Parti Quebecois premier Jacques Parizeau will give the independence movement a boost.
1. Parizeau was born in 1930 into a wealthy family — his father Gerard made a fortune in insurance — and he used to say he