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Jamie Kennedy

For most people, back-to-back 15-hour work days sounds like a punishment. Yet for chef Jamie Kennedy, it's all part of the
I've spent some or all of more than 20 summers in Prince Edward County, Ontario. What has changed over the past three or four years is the scale and sophistication of the county's tourism industry, turning it in to Muskoka East. But even as a summer visitor, I have to say: I prefer these bad new days to the good old days that never were.
The "occupiers" of Foodstock had been invited by the Canadian Chef's Congress' Michael Stadtlander, whose famous Eisenginn Farm restaurant is a few miles north, to demonstrate a very singular and simple demand: that the provincial and federal governments use all their powers to ensure a mega quarry is never dug.
Summer is a good time to get kids interested in fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Whether it's fresh corn, or watermelon