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Jane Fonda

"I always thought it was my fault."
I haven't noticed many of these wealthy film idols advocating for poor people who can't even pay for the most basic, reliable oil-based technologies. Cutting off affordable petroleum-based resources isn't just frivolous; it's harmful to the most vulnerable people in society.
One thing stands out when reading about Jane Fonda, who visited the Fort McMurray region this week. She seems, sometimes at least, to learn from her mistakes. Let's face it; in the world of superficial Hollywood activism populated by the likes of Leo DiCaprio and Daryl Hannah, self-awareness seems to shut down as soon as the director yells "cut."
"It's not to the benefit of anyone except the oil companies.''
It is memorable, that's for sure.
It's another fashion win for Jane!
Proving once again that age ain't nothin' but a number.
She is literally an Oscar. And we love it.
Labour groups, First Nations leaders, students and environmentalists led the rally calling on the federal government to do