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If you want a glimpse of what it looks like when traditional partisan loyalties get scrambled beyond recognition, check out yesterday's epic Twitter dust-up between ex-Liberal boss Bob Rae and former immigration minister Jason Kenney over the issue of temporary foreign workers. It's getting increasingly impossible for any self-respecting partisan to take a coherent position on immigration without coming off as a heretic in the eyes of some of his ordinary allies. Immigration is the debate that exposes ideological hypocrisy and inconsistency like few others  --  which is probably why we rarely have it.
And former Harper spokesperson Andrew MacDougall was clearly pleased with Kenney's spirited response. But Gerald Butts, principal
An Alberta labour group is slamming an agreement making it easier for Alberta companies to hire skilled foreign tradespeople
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says Canadian employers who violate the rights of migrant labourers should be permanently