Jennifer Lawrence

But some people think Céline Dion should have gotten the honour.
No, JLaw, this isn't funny.
The "Hunger Games" star also topped Forbes' list last year.
"Our idea of what is curvy is, like, so bizarre."
It has a little something to do with her menstrual cycle.
We're so confident in our picks, we ate Scotch bonnet peppers to back it up.
Say what?
"Let's go to war."
I've always found it interesting how J. Law's star power would go up the more immature and crass she behaved during public appearances and interviews, but I never felt compelled to write about it. Until a clip of her reaction to a struggling journalist surfaced this week following Sunday's Golden Globes.
The nomination list has probably made its way into your life, whether it be via a series of live-tweets from a room filled with members of the press or articles filled with obnoxious opinions (read: this one). So, I figured that I would take this opportunity to share my thoughts slash predictions for the upcoming Academy Awards.