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The Fifth Estate documentary about Jian Ghomeshi opens with the now-disgraced host reciting his trademark refrain: "Well
The CBC has backtracked on its decision to scrub one of its sullied stars from their online archives. On Tuesday, the CBC
CBC is planning to remove material featuring Jian Ghomeshi from Q's online archives following the disgraced former host being
The people who have come forward with allegations of abuse and harassment by Jian Ghomeshi have helped ignite a long-overdue
It's normal that we don't want to believe the absolute worst about ourselves, but until we come to terms with how we create and participate in what we are, we can't possibly expect to correct any injustices.
Jian Ghomeshi may have been sold as the face of the "new" CBC, but Rex Murphy's stern, unforgiving visage has long been the
There is no doubt that the production crew behind CBC's Q is fantastic. But (you knew there'd be a "but"), I have to insist that the name/face/voice on the frontlines matters. The current cast of "substitutes" is both substantive and strong. I enjoy Piya Chattopadhay. Brent Bambury  is quite good. Tom Power is certainly capable. But, honestly, they are all mere substitutes.
I started by telling you about my own experience in the world of abuse. I did this because those experiences are what helped me understand the importance of healing in light of a frightening situation. These women -- our sisters -- need our support and understanding to heal. But we cannot forget the men. At some point we are going to have to turn around and help heal this man. Many will think he is undeserving, but he too experienced trauma in his life which he has had to cope with. I'm not talking about forgiveness, I'm talking about compassion.
Margaret Atwood, Amy Millan, Sarah Slean, Shaun Majumder and other former Q guests are adding their names and comments to
An article from The Globe and Mail details the events leading up to Jian Ghomeshi's dismissal, including that there was photographic