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job market

From tech to health care, talent can be hard to find. These are the positions that are the hardest to fill in different regions
The share of prime working age Canadians with a job has hit an all time high, thanks to women.
And free snacks in the office won't necessarily help.
Don't let a skills gap hold you back from pursuing your ideal career path.
These 'bots aren't out to get you, they're here to help connect job seekers and employers with the right jobs and candidates.
As Canada churns out more professionals than ever, some are carving their own path.
After dropping out twelve years ago, Mark Zuckerberg made his triumphant return to Harvard last month to receive an honorary degree. While there, he delivered the commencement address to the latest crop of overachieving graduates. Zuckerberg made some clearer allusions to the sectors of the economy most likely to see growth.
Thirty years ago, robots might have seemed limited to science fiction novels, but even today there are many industries that have seen the shift towards automation take hold. AI is already impacting our workforce -- and the changes are likely just getting started.
It's not all about the money, apparently.
You can have it all!