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Job Satisfaction

And free snacks in the office won't necessarily help.
Bound by mortgage payments, insurance premiums, and credit card debts, we drudge along carrying unfulfilling tasks through to their undue completion.
There's a change in attitude that takes place around age 35.
February serves as an annual reminder to celebrate all the things we adore and cherish. When you think about those things, does your job make the list? Or are you still holding out hope that you'll fall head over heels for a job?
Let's assume you work in a big city and take some form of public transit to work. Instead of complaining that your company is downtown and that working so far away is inconvenient, focus on the fact that you get one hour a day of complete relaxation to read a book or spend on social media. Don't complain about the location; focus on the benefits that getting to that location gives you.
"Do what you love" may be "terrible advice."
Canadians are well educated. That's the good news. The unfortunate reality is that many Canadians are "mal-employed" -- working in jobs that do not take advantage of their abilities and that do not require a post-secondary education.
And it's worse elsewhere.
Not a lot of people actually know what "fit" means, it appears.
Canadians are among the world's happiest people — except in the office.