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Joe Cressy

The province says the plan is necessary to increase the housing supply, but opponents call it a "giveaway" to developers.
It's hard to tell from the councillor's statement whether he is simply unaware of the rules and Supreme Court ruling, or whether he is choosing to ignore the facts to get media exposure. Either way, it's reckless and unprofessional behaviour for a Toronto city councillor.
UPDATE: Joe Cressy has officially announced he's running for city council, CTV reported Wednesday. It appears Joe Cressy
OTTAWA — NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair walked away from reporters Wednesday when asked to clarify his party’s stance on the oilsands
Rob Ford and Stephen Harper may not agree, but in Trinity-Spadina, we know that our community represents the very best of Canada. We live in a great community, in a great city, in a great country. But we can, and must, do better.