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New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair says newly appointed Finance Minister Joe Oliver is an embarrassing choice to represent Canada
A group of 12 prominent Canadian climate scientists called out the federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver on his support
Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver has accused former U.S. vice-president Al Gore of making “wildly inaccurate and exaggerated
OTTAWA - Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver says he sees no need to change anything about Canada's environmental protections
Joe Oliver fought off accusations that he doesn't believe in the science of climate change at a testy meeting of the federal
Attitudes and willful blindness form the basis of federal government policy as expressed by our federal Minister of Natural Resources, and that it is a sign of negligent disregard for the public interest. It is unacceptable. A revealing exchange with the editorial board of La Presse confirms that if Joe Oliver has ever had a science briefing, he wasn't listening.
A key member of Harper’s cabinet believes that fears about climate change may be exaggerated. Natural Resources Minister
With consideration of the Keystone XL pipeline proposal heading into the home stretch, a parade of Canadian politicians have been making the trek to the U.S. to try to convince the Obama Administration of the pipeline's merits.The good news is that the recent visitors -- from Premiers Redford and Wall to federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver -- now acknowledge that Canada's environmental record is crucial to the upcoming U.S. decision.The bad news is that there are some gaping holes in that record.
The Conservative government needs to stop denying climate change and realize jobs can be created through investing in green infrastructure projects, enhanced public transit, and green research and development, all of which will spur economic development in every community in Canada.