John Furlong

"When I first saw him on TV for the Olympics...I was just tearing up inside. John Furlong thought we forgot everything..." —Maurice
The woman's articles could not be fairly characterized as simply reporting on another persons' allegations against Furlong, said the judge's ruling.
He said the stress caused by a Georgia Straight article led him and his wife Deborah to move to Ireland, where she was killed in a car crash in 2013.
Furlong has denied any allegations of abuse.
What do we made of Canada's embrace of one exposé and its exile of another? The victims of the alleged abuses seems like a good starting point. Ghomeshi's accusers were referred to as "educated and employed." Furlong's alleged victims are all aboriginal.
Furlong says he felt paralyzing pain but is now ready to move on with his life.
The judge also awarded special costs to Furlong, calling the behaviour of the plaintiff reprehensible and deserving of a rebuke.
A judge has dismissed a claim filed in 2013 by Grace West.
VANCOUVER - Court documents related to a series of lawsuits against former Olympic CEO John Furlong suggest one of the plaintiffs
BURNS LAKE, B.C. - A woman who dropped a lawsuit alleging former Olympic CEO John Furlong sexually abused her while a teacher