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john nuttall

I think our inter-faith leaders -- every priest, rabbi, pundit, imam and granthi -- would do this country a great service if they enforce a message of peace and harmony against and speak to their captive audience against the symptoms of sadistic behaviour -- manipulation, the thrill of violence, power, and control that comes from inflicting pain on other.
A couple accused of plotting to blow up the B.C. legislature made a brief court appearance this morning. John Nuttall and
I don't begrudge Tom Morino his duty to provide a full and robust defense for his client, home-grown terror suspect John Nuttall. However, a recent claim that Nuttall and his co-conspirator Amanda Korody may have been entrapped into a plot of mass murder, the existence of which they do not deny, is simply ludicrous.
The two Surrey people accused of plotting to bomb the legislature on Canada Day are expected to appear in B.C. Supreme Court
The woman charged in the Canada Day bombing plot at the B.C. legislature was once suspected by her neighbours of advertising
Terror suspect John Nuttall appears to have left a lengthy digital trail that includes anti-Semitic comments, conspiracy
Friends of the the B.C. couple accused of planning to detonate pressure cooker bombs during Canada Day celebrations in Victoria
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg Some folks tried to blow up the B.C. parliament the other day -- did you hear? Since we're not supposed to talk about race or religion these days, the hugely significant fact that the plan to bomb the legislature was neither Middle Eastern nor authentically Islamic in origin went unknown much longer than necessary. We often hear that terrorists come in all shapes and colors, and that no one community -- particularly the Middle Eastern one -- generates more than others. B.C.'s now produced a compelling case study in that regard -- if only we weren't so squeamish about admitting it.
Last Canada Day, the two suspects in this year's Canada Day bomb plot were looking for rides to go paintballing. Amanda Korody
CBC News has learned the timing of the arrests of the accused in the thwarted Canada Day bomb plot was key, with the suspects