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Toronto Mayor John Tory has written a letter to the head of Municipal Licensing and Standards to ask for a report and recommendations for dealing with what he called the "verging on out of control" growth of medical marijuana dispensaries. Let's compare their health and safety impacts to industries that already exist.
Khogali wrote an op-ed in The Toronto Star on Sunday, breaking her silence on a story that's threatened to overshadow the Black Lives Matter protest. She responded to a tweet from February that resurfaced last week where she said, "Plz Allah give me strength not to cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz."
John Tory will be the next mayor of Canada's largest city after winning the Toronto municipal election. Tory, a former telecommunications
Isn't John Tory exactly the kind of mayor we all want after the disaster Ford years? He is a real consensus builder that will actually make an exceptional 65th mayor of Toronto. He is a candidate that is rare and worth supporting. I hope many will.
You have to feel badly for John Tory in some ways. After months of having the contortionist field all to himself, Cirque du Soleil is back in town, giving him a run for his money on the flexibility front. I speak, of course, about the TTC's number one priority of a subway relief line.
For most people in my generation, stress runs high. Among high school students and university/college students, academic stressors are king. That said, the main stressors facing students and recent graduates are integrally connected. Career stress is a big concern.
If the campaigns, including the media attempting to manipulate it, continue as they have started 2014, we will wake up on October 28 and ask ourselves again how Rob Ford won.
Jamey Heath makes a patronizing reference of Wolfe's argument about how he (Wolfe's) chat at Wendy's is no confirmation of Chow's support dwindling. Is Heath's reference of Chow having the largest political events -- busloads of NDP staff members from Ottawa and Queens Park -- enough to conclude she has plenty of support?
The experience of Tory losing many political battles to lesser quality candidates in the past should have reminded him that in politics, the electorate wants immediate answers to their issues and not just a down payment promise. If Tory is to have any chance of being elected, he has to go beyond just being nice and start eloquently pursuing a unique brand and policies to his candidacy ASAP.
My name is David Soknacki. Never heard of me? Don't worry, neither has Jimmy Kimmel. While other candidates have been making headlines with their personal ups and downs, I've been thinking about what's best for Toronto. I am running for mayor.