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Johnny Depp

We see celebrities who we admire as "friends". We support their work, we cheer them on, and we ardently defend them when someone makes an accusation against them. In the eyes of millions of people, Johnny Depp is a hero, an onscreen buddy, and who wants to believe that your best film buddy abused his wife?
She calls Depp a "sensitive, loving and loved person."
A dad who just wants the best for his little girl.
The "celebrity-sighting" struggle is real.
All we were left with was amateur footage of the stars in passing, a nearly broken camera and bruised egos.
It was Depp-mania on Monday evening in Toronto.
The Toronto International Film Festival turns 40 this year, and once again the stars will align on the streets of Toronto
You don't have to be a believer to be moved by the beauty of a church.
Why buy a mansion when you can buy a whole village? Johnny Depp is actively selling one in the south of France, and no, he
The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star is about to chart a new course into fragrant waters by agreeing to be the face promoting Dior's line of men's scents.