julian fantino controversy

The Canadian Press wrote about the email at the time after receiving a copy from a source.
The Crown attorney has intervened in the case of private assault charges laid against former federal cabinet minister Julian Fantino stemming from an incident that allegedly occurred more than 40 years ago.
Speaking to fellow Rotary Club members, Erin O'Toole began with a frank admission about shortcomings in the government's
The decision to make a senior member of Harper's media team Fantino's new chief of staff makes it clear the minister has
However, another backgrounder from National Defence stated the full investment of $200 million would be provided "over the
OTTAWA - Conservative MPs rallied around Julian Fantino on Friday as critics seized on the latest ugly encounter between
OTTAWA - Veterans Affairs is spending an additional $4 million on advertising this year — including television spots throughout
Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino has announced a government initiative that would give priority and more employment
Embattled Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino is blaming the union that represents federal government workers for much
OTTAWA - The Harper government delivered a full-throttle defence of its planned closure of eight veterans affairs offices