julian fantino

Brian Mulroney isn't the only one to jump into this business.
"We're not in the marijuana business," Fantino said.
The Canadian Press wrote about the email at the time after receiving a copy from a source.
The alleged incident occurred more than 40 years ago.
The Crown attorney has intervened in the case of private assault charges laid against former federal cabinet minister Julian Fantino stemming from an incident that allegedly occurred more than 40 years ago.
Fantino will "vigorously'' defend himself, says his lawyer.
A veterans group opposed to the Harper government says it is planning to regularly picket campaign events, post lawn signs and use social media in its Anyone But Conservatives campaign, launched Monday.
Harper Conservatives are aiming to cover a politically sensitive spot.
Veterans Affairs Canada says its $4.3-million ad campaign last year was "effective," but internal polling shows the ads were
Speaking to fellow Rotary Club members, Erin O'Toole began with a frank admission about shortcomings in the government's