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justin trudeau attack ad

Trudeau says Harper "needs to stop."
The Conservative party’s aggressive campaign against Justin Trudeau may actually persuade some to vote Liberal, a recent poll suggests.
The CBC has asked YouTube and Facebook to remove the Conservative Party’s latest attack ad against Liberal Leader Justin
At the bottom of the Trudeau attack site is a link that says “A Project of” – a not-for-profit corporation described
SASKATOON - Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau lashed out Thursday at the federal government over a Postmedia report that
Three New Brunswick MPs are criticizing the Conservative Party’s aggressive advertising campaign against Liberal Leader Justin
Ontario’s “Ring of Fire” mining project promises to be the economic equivalent of another oil sands, Treasury Board President
For Justin Trudeau and Liberals hoping a positive message is more potent than an attack ad, school is in session. The rookie
To my mind, there's actually something much worse than a nasty negative attack ad, and that's a saccharine, upbeat positive ad. To me this is worse than coarsening culture, it's dulling culture, it's taking what should be an exciting rough and tumble debate and turning it into a boring syrupy goo.