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justin trudeau campaign

Justin Trudeau sought to woo voters away from the NDP while countering recent attacks by Conservative Leader Stephen Harper during a campaign stop this morning in Toronto. 
He predicts that putting more money in the pockets of middle-class families would stimulate and grow the Canadian economy.
Trudeau made the announcement today at a campaign event in Woodbridge, Ont. Trudeau, whose Liberals are targeting key GTA ridings ahead of the Oct. 19 vote, also pledged to invest in GO Transit.
With the election less than two weeks away, most election polls show the Conservatives and Liberals in a tight race with
An indigenous-led organization has sent letters to each of the federal party leaders, asking what they'll do to move forward on reconciliation between Aboriginal Peoples and all Canadians.
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was the clear winner of Monday's foreign policy debate, according to Vote Compass, CBC's voter-engagement survey.
The issue of Israel and Palestine, however, was virtually untouched.
The Greens have filed a complaint with the Canada Revenue Agency alleging the Munk debate format violates the agency's policies that limit the political activities of charities.
Trudeau was asked if the party with the most seats has the right to govern in a minority government situation following the Oct. 19 election results.
Canvassing door to door, a time-honoured ritual of any political campaign, is more than it appears.