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The photo was snapped by a B.C. photographer.
Canadians just really like posing with the PM.
Let the attack ad games begin.
Asked by BBC television's NewsNight program about his famous family name, Trudeau didn't deny that having had his father Pierre Trudeau lead the country for almost 16 years opened some doors.
Liberals are going right on enemy turf.
Now, it's all about the ballot question.
"Is the NDP policy to be more like Greece?" Toet asked in the email, echoing tweets from Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre
Liberals are set to present Justin Trudeau as getting ready to lead, even as Conservatives work to convince Canadians he
THE BACKSTORY The clip comes from a video uploaded to YouTube last July in which Trudeau affirmed, during a question and
EDMONTON - Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau told party faithful in Edmonton that Canada is drifting under the mediocre