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The issue of Israel and Palestine, however, was virtually untouched.
"You can't take away citizenship because you don't like what someone does," said Trudeau.
Testy exchanges between Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau over legislation that can strip citizenship of those convicted of terrorism-related offences marked one of the heated moments during Monday night's debate on foreign policy.
Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau changed tactics Thursday night at the French-language leaders' debate, acting calmer and interrupting his opponents much less than he did during the first two English-language debates of the election campaign.
The niqab issue led to a tense moment with Harper and Mulcair facing each other and nearly yelling.
The Liberal leader aims to keep up momentum at French debate.
Trudeau walked into the martial arts gym in Montreal's north end Wednesday around noon, wearing black jogging pants and a maroon T-shirt, and gave a big hug to the gym's owner, Ali Nestor.
The Greens have filed a complaint with the Canada Revenue Agency alleging the Munk debate format violates the agency's policies that limit the political activities of charities.
The party leaders will fan out across the country again.
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau took turns jumping on Harper's responses — and frequently each other's.