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The Liberals have embarked on a flurry of consultations — 84, at last count.
This was one of the first times when I fully disagreed with our prime minister's initial actions, but the quick and stormy actions of the Conservatives and NDP turned a reasonable concern into a farce. It's the overly polite, overly politically correct narrative that turns Canada into one giant joke for the rest of the world. This time, I was laughing with them.
"That’s just me. With my shirt off. That’s literally what I look like, not just in photographs."
Gay men were convicted of "gross indecency'' and "buggery'' before Canada decriminalized homosexual acts between consenting adults.
It will be a milestone in relations between Canada and the 28-country European block.
Trudeau said it's more important than ever for the Liberal government to spend on growth-generating projects.
The prime minister made 214 during the election campaign.
Trudeau has been under pressure from a number of directions.
Many physicians and even mental health care providers do not know about these disorders. They ostracize or act in disgust toward their clients upon hearing the about compulsive skin picking, hair pulling, nail biting and related behaviours which causes further suffering and isolation in the lives of many Canadians.
How curious.