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justin trudeau middle class

They were both elected to help the middle class, Trudeau said.
The Trudeau government will also raise the rate on the richest Canadians.
Some experts say it'll have a limited effect.
The Liberal leader says Canadians earning taxable income of between $45,000 and $90,000 would save $670 per person per year,
It's called "A New Plan For A Strong Middle Class."
Justin Trudeau is flatly ruling out a Liberal-NDP coalition to prevent Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives from forming another government if no party has a majority after the Oct. 19 vote.
Justin Trudeau's bid to restore his Liberal party's lost electoral lustre is underway — and it has its sights set squarely
"A Liberal government will give a tax cut to the middle class and provide middle-class families with more money to raise their kids."
The Liberal leader is set to unveil a major economic plank that will underpin his party's eventual platform for the federal
OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau suggested Wednesday that his party might offer middle class voters a tax break in