justin trudeau nanny

The flight manifest for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Christmas vacation to the Caribbean, released to the Conservatives
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is only one of a generation of young people asking for help... Nothing comes of a disrespectful dismissal of a request for help. Especially when it comes from those who need so little of it.
Trudeau responded that he has different "family requirements" than his predecessor.
Never mind that Trudeau has already attracted admiration from several world leaders, improved foreign relations and made good with his promise to aid Syrian refugees,. Never mind that he's only been Prime Minister for less than two months and has been actively working for the change that he promised. No, no, let's talk about how he and his wife hired a NANNY.
We shouldn't begrudge the Trudeaus' childcare staff any more than we should any other household staff or assistants. I hear Sophie Grégoire doesn't do her own vacuuming either!
"I think that's hypocritical and I think he should take it out of his own salary."
Trudeau's director of communications says he will adjust his staff complement to suit his family's needs.