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But concerns about terrorism are down.
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was the clear winner of Monday's foreign policy debate, according to Vote Compass, CBC's voter-engagement survey.
"The fact is that we had a three-way race and we still do, it’s just that two parties may be heading in opposite directions right now."
Federal NDP vaulted from third place to a statistical dead-heat with Conservatives and Liberals, new polling shows
The new numbers are more good news for Mulcair.
Federal Conservatives have cracked open an eight-point lead over Liberals on the heels of a pre-election budget that balanced
A new poll suggests the federal Conservatives have jumped four percentage points ahead of Liberals as Canadians weigh consistency
Two new federal polls are painting different pictures of Liberal fortunes at the conclusion of the fall session of Parliament
Canadians convinced Stephen Harper is on his way out may need to think again, two new polls suggest. In fact, with a federal
Quebec voters widely respect Thomas Mulcair but could turn to Justin Trudeau in the next federal election if Liberals stand