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Change in tone from the Harper Conservatives hasn't lost its novelty.
But Trudeau's lofty vision remains a work in progress.
It seemed inconceivable when the federal election began in early August, but Justin Trudeau is now openly gunning for his third-place Liberals to form a majority government when Canadians go to the polls Monday.
Something happened in the first week of October.
For Trudeau to have a shot, he must win that battleground.
Any nerves Liberals had before the Maclean’s leaders’ debate on Thursday were replaced with relief.
It's been a week of bad number for Stephen Harper. First came the news that his party is falling even further behind the
OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau doesn't put much stock in public opinion surveys that suggest the federal Liberal party vaulted into
But a poll conducted less than two months later showed a comeback for Dion. An Ipsos poll in early January 2008 showed Dion’s
A new poll suggests federal Liberals might already be benefiting from a "Trudeau effect," and may still have room to grow