justin trudeau taxes

One Senator called it "a significant improvement."
The previous Tory government lowered the GST by two percentage points during its decade in power.
"You don't want to push yourself into a higher tax category."
The Toronto-based think-tank argues that efforts by high-income earners to avoid increased taxes will probably be greater
"I think that's hypocritical and I think he should take it out of his own salary."
Some experts say it'll have a limited effect.
What the federal Liberal Party's financial promises to voters will really mean won't be known until prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau's new finance minister presents a first budget.
To constant "ka-ching, ka-ching" sounds, Harper showed voters how much Liberal taxes would allegedly cost them.
Trudeau fired back at the Conservative leader.
He predicts that putting more money in the pockets of middle-class families would stimulate and grow the Canadian economy.