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Canadians just really like posing with the PM.
Asked by BBC television's NewsNight program about his famous family name, Trudeau didn't deny that having had his father Pierre Trudeau lead the country for almost 16 years opened some doors.
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg Does any normal person still care about Canadian politics? That seems like the obvious question to ask in the aftermath of Tuesday's revelations that virtually every single person involved in a supposedly "impromptu" protest at a recent Justin Trudeau press conference was actually on the Tory payroll. Politics is becoming such a thoroughly unpopular pastime in modern Canada the odds are now pretty solid that anyone caught expressing a particularly showy opinion on a political party is probably receiving a paycheque for doing so.
Lisa Raitt is right that the conversation we're having about Justin Trudeau would be very different if it was a female MP who'd taken to the catwalk and stripped to her bra, while a group of men bid on the opportunity to lunch with her. It would seem exploitive and distasteful. People would definitely question the MP's judgment.
That didn't take long. The Conservatives have already released their first anti-Trudeau attack ad. The ad attacks Trudeau's
As expected, the Conservatives have released attack ads on new Liberal leader Justin Trudeau just a day after he won the