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kate baby

After months of rumour and speculation, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a. Prince William and Kate Middleton) confirmed
We haven’t seen Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby in quite a while, but rest assured he’s a looker. Prince Will described
This week began with the end of the royal baby watch when the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth Monday to a baby boy. It turned out to be not only a happy occasion, but also the beginning of many debates. Did Prince William screw up plugging George into the car seat for his ride home from the hospital? Did Kate do fellow women a service by appearing for photographs with the remains of her baby bump still prominent? Or was the good undone by the less realistically attainable perfect hair, makeup, and clothes? (Where's the royal spit-up?) But perhaps the most productive discussions were those that involved the merits of the monarchy.
As we eagerly await for a first glimpse of the new Prince (and the announcement of his name), the Duchess of Cambridge can
We finally got our first look at the royal baby! A beaming Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posed with their newborn son outside
Leave it to Twitter users to come up with a hilarious way to wait out Kate Middleton's labour c/o the hashtag #royalbabyname
Now that Kate Middleton is in labour, speculation about exactly when the royal baby will be born is at a fever pitch. This
Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal bundle of joy hasn’t even arrived yet, but market researchers say they already
Kate Middleton’s due date has been a mystery for months, and the suspense grows ever stronger for royal-watchers. The Duchess
Is Kate Middleton’s baby a boy or a girl? We’re not sure, but the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge reportedly dropped a big