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Kathleen Wynne ontario liberals

An eight-per-cent rebate on electricity bills comes into effect Jan. 1.
A Liberal stronghold is up for grabs.
There is no other way to describe it -- Justin Trudeau has been a public relations superstar from the very moment he took office as prime minister almost a year ago. However, just as September has shorter days and produces a tinge of frost in the evening air, this prolonged period of public basking in the sun may soon be coming to an end for our prime minister.
Kathleen Wynne wonders whether a man would have faced the same kind of comments.
He was asked to resign in 2013 after workplace sexual harassment complaints were made against him.
Ontario's diversified economy is now leading Canada, the Premier says.
Newly released public documents show the Ontario government paid consultants and lawyers $6.5 million to advise them on the sale of a Crown agency that sold for only $6 million.
The Ontario premier refused to answer questions, insisting she couldn't comment because the case is now before the courts.
Ontario Premier Wynne ascended to power by winning over the small clique of Liberal Party members who can afford leadership conference fees and travel expenses. Both Ontario women and LGBT communities rejoiced at this opportunity to have, for the first time, one their own at the seat of power. People of colour and hijab-wearing Muslim-Canadian women face acute harassment that falls outside the sort explicitly described in Wynne's plan. As a candidate, Wynne reached out to visible minorities on her way to the mountain top. Then she forgot about them.
The "It's Never Okay" plan includes new legislation and a public awareness campaign centred around an ad depicting assaults