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OTTAWA - Canada's immigration minister says he wants to see citizenship applications processed in 12 months or less. Jason
If you are a Canadian citizen who holds any other citizenship, you should know that the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration is pushing to pass a law that would render you a second class citizen. You may not feel threatened by this bill as you may never see yourself in a position where you would be accused of committing acts of terror or war, but this bill is declaring your citizenship to be worth less than your fellow Canadian.
Forcing applicants to wait close to 10 years and then implementing retroactive legislation refusing the pending backlog of applicants is the greatest sham in the history of Canadian immigration policy. Close to 300,000 applicants who were all promised that their credentials would be evaluated under previous criteria will now be refused
Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney met with HuffPost Canada's editorial board on Wednesday and revealed that the
With an announcement last week, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will allow the tentacles of corporate greed to dictate immigration to Canada. It doesn't take much imagination to guess what kind of worker big businesses would prefer prey upon. A multinational corporation would probably rather tap a foreigner who is willing to work for lower wages than their Canadian counterparts, accept abuses of the Canadian Labour Code and remain silent in the face of improprieties in exchange for permanent residence and happy shareholders.
CALGARY - A program which allows provinces to tailor immigration to fit local labour needs may look fine on the surface but
OTTAWA - The federal government is imposing a two-year moratorium on immigration applications from parents and grandparents
OTTAWA - Immigration Minister Jason Kenney plans to hold immigration levels steady next year, but the mix of immigrants will
Jason Kenney lands in Montreal today to discuss Canada’s immigration levels and how best to integrate new arrivals — a top